Gartner sees 4.3 percent growth in IT spending in 2018
Many questions stay unanswered but five segments are identified

There is definitely a Shift from maintenance to innovation
Most of the growth in computing is driven by new markets, called SMACS (social, mobile, analytics, cloud, security).
We notice a hypergrowth in Cloud Activities for some vendors.

Key points for this quarter

(Source Gartner http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3811363 ): “Gartner Inc. says that it expects worldwide IT spending to hit $3.7 trillion in 2018, up from the $3.5 trillion its forecast for 2017. That amounts to total growth of 4.3 % in overall spending on IT from 2017 to 2018. Gartner breaks down its IT spending forecast into five segments: data center systems, enterprise software, devices, IT services and communications services. Gartner analysts also identified 10 emerging technology trends within the above segments that are likely to drive this growth, including three cloud technologies: (IAAS) infrastructure as a service, (IPAS) integrated platform as a service, and (CPAS) communications platform as a service. Other technologies to watch include workstream collaboration, workforce analytics, video message-oriented middleware, cybersecurity, analytics and storage, all of which are linked to enabling organization’s digital transformation efforts.”

European CIOs hope to spend more on business technology (BT) in 2018. Again here the answers will vary from country to country. Finding new business, serving and retaining Customers is now the focus for new IT developments: e-commerce, and especially m-commerce are growing faster than the classic “brick and mortar” business. In 2018 Companies will continue to reduce their IT maintenance costs and reallocate funds for new projects that bring more business value. The three keywords Cloud, Mobile, Social are driving the trend, but now also with Analytics and Security.

Time is going fast, and more than ever planning is key. Protecting business and Resilience are the keywords! Currently the business environment has 3 pressures : Financial, Economic and Politic...
Be ready to help your Accounts for their Resilience Plan and prepare quickly the transition to Growth in case the economy accelerates (In 2018 some Economic Sectors are acceleratiing this transition to growth!). We expect a significant increase in IT spending in the Cloud Computing Services(Private, Public or Hybrid).
• Channel Partners play also a key role in many Industries!
Services and « SaaS » are leading the pack.

As a quick summary, you can overcome the 2018 pressures if you build your Resilience Plan.

• New Business Portfolio with easier interaction
• New Powerful Views
• Opportunity file improved
• Upload data possible from CRM’s

NEW "OBI ELECTRONIC" file with Summary and Action Plan :
(What ?) ...Let's define the right Solution
(How ?) ... Let's define our best Strategy
(Why ?) ... Let's find our clear Win Themes
(Who ?) ... Actions and who is responsible for what
• During the preparation phase, we can customize a script in order to
upload the data already existing in the Company CRM database